Why a Blog?

Photo Credit: Sylwia Bartyzel via Unsplash

Welcome to the South Columbia Baptist Church Youth Ministry’s blog!

As the first post, I thought it might be good to tell you what we hope to accomplish and the type of content you’ll find here.

The main idea behind this blog is to provide various snapshots of all that’s happening in the SCBCYM.  In keeping with this idea, there are 3 main purposes for this blog: to connect, to inform, and to resource.


It’s important to find different and multiple ways to connect with our youth, their parents, with our adult leaders, and even with those who end up leaving the ministry (whether it’s because they move, graduate, or for some other reason).  Having a blog provides another point of connection for everyone involved (and for those who at one point were involved) in the ministry.


A blog can be an effective tool for keeping parents informed.  Whether it’s about upcoming events and/or the content of what their teens are learning in church, parents will be updated on all that is happening in the ministry.

My hope in keeping parents informed is more than just keeping them in the loop of what we are doing and learning.  My hope and prayer is that parents will take this information and reach out to their kids with it – by looking for ways to have honest and authentic dialogue about the faith and about what’s happening in the lives of both parent and teen; and by sparking ideas for and the implementation of real life application of what’s being taught.


The third and final purpose of this blog is to provide resources for our youth, their parents, and also for our adult leaders.

The lessons we teach on Sunday mornings, during 242, or at our various events, do not need to be “one-and-done.”  By placing the various lessons online, our students (and former students!) can access, review, and maybe even dig a little deeper into what was formally taught them.

There are also some outstanding resources out there on the interweb!  Whether it’s to supplement a lesson, to come alongside and help our parents, or to help equip our adult leaders, my hope is to bring some of those resources to you.

Hope you find this to be a helpful tool.  Please feel free to comment…we’d love to hear from you!